Primal Kickboxing Reviews

  • I can't say enough about Primal Kickboxing. My experience has been life changing. Each client can work at their own pace until you build up your strength and endurance to complete a challenging 30 minute workout. You're tired, but feel great when your done. Carl, the owner, truly cares about all his clients. His motivation and passion resonate in everything he does. He inspires you to push yourself and do better. Thanks to Primal , I am down 25 pounds and feel great. Great workout, would highly recommend.

    Tonie Rinaldi
  • Excellent workout. 30 mins goes pretty quickly but hard at the time to keep pushing forward with all you have and more. Staff are very good with the encouragement. Great place and people. Very friendly.

    Melissa Duryea
  • I joined almost a year ago after signing up for the 16 week challenge. This gym has changed my life. The trainers are invested, the members are supportive, the overall energy here is extremely positive and inspiring. I’ve been to many gyms since moving to the area, but Primal made me feel the most comfortable-even when being pushed out of my comfort zone.

    Shannon Cooke
  • This is the best HIIT anyone can get! Love all the workouts and definitely recommend this gym!

    Rosalyn Rusciani
  • I am 62 years old joined with my daughter I really didn't think I could do this class. Had major back surgery and have a cage in my spine. The instructors are all great I can modify some of the exercises I cannot do. But I need to say I'm really happy that I'm going on my 4th week and it's getting better. So there's no excuses for me anymore I feel my back is getting stronger my body is getting stronger so I'm going to keep going. I joined up to do the 16 week challenge didn't think I could do it. But I still keep going Great classes.

    Sandra Santos
  • I honestly love this place. The workouts are great. I just wish they had drop in rates or some more flexible membership options.

    Carrie Gordon
  • This is the best workout I’ve had in 20 years! 🙌🏼 They push you to go harder every time and it never gets boring.

    Christine Daley
  • Absolutely! Love it - great work out. Just have to show up and put your all into It or they may influence you just a little lol!

    Michele Liontas
  • Great staff!! The convenience of classes!! The workout!!

    Teri Olsen
  • Primal Kickboxing is amazing! It’s the hardest and best 30 minutes of my day! I’m 12 classes in and wish I had found it sooner. Carl is a great instructor who motivates you to do your best and makes it fun! Everyone is friendly and makes you feel welcome. If you have had enough of the same old gym stuff, come to Primal Kickboxing - you will love it!

    Terri DeAngelis

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