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Primal Strength Training


Primal Kickboxing and Primal Strength classes = The best results in the least time…

  • 30 Minutes is all it takes
  • burns Fat-Get Lean, Tone, and Strong
  • 3 days a week is all it takes

PRIMAL KICKBOXING is now open in Berlin, NJ and we have brought you the new 30 minute workouts that get you in great shape, and fast!

  1. 30 min. Primal Kickboxing classes – Convenient morning, lunch, afternoon and evening class times. This is our flagship workout
  2. 30 min. Primal Strength classes – Primal Strength workouts utilize Kettlebells, Medicine balls, PRIMAL7 body weight training, etc.. Our expert Trainers get your body lean, and your muscles tone and you-strong and confident – if you want defined muscles, these are the workouts with the fastest results
  3. We also have classes in MMA, Muay Thai, and Submission Wrestling – these are Skills Classes for those who want to have the competitive edge.

Primal Strength Training Register now to reserve your spot and take advantage of our Grand Opening Specials.

“MMA Fitness / Muay Thai Kickboxing  is the best all around fitness workout.” - Jillian Michaels – America’s Toughest Trainer-Time Magazine

You will have one of America’s Top Kickboxing Trainers and Berlin, NJ native Carl Mascarenhas leading the pack. Not all kickboxing classes are the same. Carl is the former World Champion and Gold Medalist, and will be your personal guide to reaching your personal fitness goals.

“I really like the 30 minute, one minute high-intensity interval classes. My body has changed shape quickly. Carl promised me that I’d see results if I consistently attended 3 times per week, and kept eating clean. I also spend about 1/3 of the time I used to at gyms working out. And now I’m getting the results I’ve wanted This might sound made up but I am real, and these classes are real! ” – Kim Scharff, Atco, NJ

We want PRIMAL KICKBOXNG to be the gym that we want to belong to. So we have brought you the classes founded by Steve Doss in Austin, TX. In every way, his 30 minute class format, built around six – one minute rounds is genius! Men and women in numerous tests have found this is the best way to burn bodyfat. People also benefit fast.

We want you to benefit from it. Take advantage of the free trial class and find out what intensity is about.

“My girlfriend and I have tried all kinds of workouts, hot yoga, bootcamps, Crossfit, kickboxing gyms, and Zoomba and this is our favorite by far. The results are apparent very quickly! You work really hard for a solid 30 minutes and each week they change it up. Punching, kicking, ground and pound, kettle balls, Ultimate Strikers, PRIMAL7, and core workouts at the end of each session. It is high intensity and works.” -Sarah

We didn’t worry about what other gyms have, or what the latest fads are. We only wanted to build a gym with fitness training and workouts that are the most effective, exciting, and personally fulfilling, for us and everyone else.

Our members like the atmosphere and energy inside Primal Kickboxing. We change up our workouts daily – we assure you, you will never get bored or not challenged! It’s all about our members (You) reaching your goals, and you have to enjoy being there.

This will be a really nice gym, that’s friendly and non-intimidating. You’ll feel comfortable as soon as you walk in. We’re making it to be the gym you’ll be excited about.

Our members travel from all over the east cost, so come in and we will show you why Primal Kickboxing is the gym for you!